Findem model For High volume, Rapid recruitment situations.

The Findem™ recruitment model unique to Job Warehouse is designed for high volume rapid recruitment needs such as warehouse staff, seasonal staff of all types and times when you are just in a hurry.

Its not a premium cost service, in fact many clients are wooed by the simplicity to the point of asking if we can use it in other scenarios. Well talk about that in another blog, but suffice to say that for now, as it is implemented at this point int time, it does a great job for specific clients and scenarios but needs a little adjustment to adapt to roles like senior management or professional.

How Findem™ works.

Much as the title suggests, it focuses our efforts on finding them and directing them to you.
We first of all maintain a huge database of candidates who have been vetted and provided questionnaires or in many cases worked for other clients of ours. Our AI system continuously monitors the requirements we are given by clients, the skills candidates have, the reports form clients during assignments, exit interviews and more, so we get likely candidates highlighted for us very quickly and regardless of how many roles we are trying to fill, our advertising campaigns run relentlessly maintaining and growing the database. This means that when you send us a requirement or add it online, there’s a great chance that we already have a shortlist to start off with and we advertise your precise need in order to find further people. As known peaks in demand approach we will be upping the volume of advertising to have a strong base of candidates when you get in touch.

The selection process.

You are in control when it comes to narrowing down your choices. We will give you a login to our RTS (Recruitment Tracking System). There you will find it easy to examine the candidate profiles in your pipeline for a requirement, look at their responses to the questions you helped us to set for applicants and you can score them one to five stars, hire with a single click, or ask an extra question.

Hiring is simple and low risk

Most of our candidates, unless they are in a position to negotiate, agree to a one-week trial period, when they can be finished at short notice, end of the day and paid only for the time they have put in.

It doesn’t require a complaint about them such as bad behaviour etc, you simply tell us honestly why they did not make a good enough fit for your requirement and well replace them at no cost.
The idea is not to have a high turnover, but rather to select carefully and feel confident that if their performance onsite falls a long way short of their suggested ability or whatever other reason, then you have not lost any more than the effort of logging in to choose a replacement.

Cost of hiring via the Findem™ model.

We charge a one-off fee when you make a hire. Please enquire to get the current rate, but I can assure you that you will be pleasantly surprised and in addition you nay even be able to get an introductory discount for your first hire.

The hiring process.

Ask for a price ->

chat to a recruiter->

if you wish, agree the important questions we should ask ->

               Log in and shortlist or ask extra questions ->

                              Make a hire->

                                             Monitor the hire at work for two weeks ->

                                                            Keep, or log in and get a replacement ->

Once you have a relationship with a recruiter who knows your needs, you can leave the chances to her/him and just send over or add on each new requirement. Its up to you how hands on you wish to be.

Just remember this is a fast clean process designed for high volume needs where short-term or unexpected changes in the workload put your traditional recruitment practices under strain. For more senior roles, you will often require a different approach, but we have innovative models to help in many areas.